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Laam Custom Seats

Specializing in Long Distance Motorcycle Seating

By blending and reshaping your original seat with all new foam, each seat is truly handcrafted one at a time. Each custom seat is hand layered, hand cut and hand shaped without the use of foam plugs or manufactured shaping to guarantee a personalized seating experience.

By using this foam sculpting method, each seat also features a hand cut cover that is tailored without the use of patterns. When building each customized seat, I am able to deliver the rider with unmatched quality, comfort and old fashioned service. 

For more information about truly handcrafted seats, please review the website for an in depth walkthrough of 
The Process

Questions? Call Now: 530-351-5643
Laam Custom Seats has relocated! Click here for more information.

The Process

This is the starting point before ordering your custom long distance touring seat. 

The process will help guide you on how it all works form the moment of contact to receiving your finished seat.

There is a lot to a custom built product so be sure to read each step.

If something doesn't make sense call in so I can better explain.


Browse the seat gallery for an in-depth look at previously custom ordered seats, built to meet the customer's personal tastes and measurements.

Not your style? Yours will also be uniquely tailored to suit you. Is your bike model unlisted? I am happy to change that by crafting yours.

Click the link below to view the Seat Gallery.

Seat Types

By explaining the differences in each individual seat choices, it can help to make the right decisions during the ordering process.


The seat type also determines your specific pricing layout. 


Learn more about seat type classifications by clicking link below.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

A custom seat comes with custom options.

Browse my available vinyl, leather, thread, and pattern options.

For a truly custom seat, I also offer the option of special order materials for your custom build.

Click to learn more about your custom options.

How it's made

One of the most important and often asked question is, what makes your seats so comfortable and how are the made? The Construction & Warranty page will help you in making your final choice in who builds your seat. 

Click the link to read more.

Order Your Seat
Image by Michael Walter

After reviewing "The Process," proceed forward to an order! If you are unsure about placing an order, please call now to insure all of your questions are answered.


Click to start your order and get your production date.

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