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& Warranty

The most common inquiry revolves around what constitutes a truly comfortable seat for extended rides. It's a topic that carries great sensitivity among seat craftsmen and manufacturers, each with their own unique approaches.


Here, I'll provide you with a concise overview of my seat-making process.

It's crucial to remain discerning when shopping for a new seat, especially when faced with claims of 'magical' materials like gel and foams. In reality, the key to comfort lies in the seat's shape and achieving a well-balanced sitting position. I adhere to fundamental principles of science and logic in my construction.


The goal is to have you comfortably nestled in the seat, rather than perched on top. This is accomplished by raising the sides to distribute your weight evenly, effectively eliminating any tendency to slide forward.


Think of it as akin to a tractor seat.


Have you experienced the surprising comfort of an old steel tractor seat? It's remarkable how well it supports, even though it's made of solid steel! This "nestled" approach gives you a more comfortable seat!

Foams Used

When crafting a seat, I select from a range of foam densities. The weight and firmness of the foam determine the size and support of the new seat.


For instance, heavier foam yields a wider and firmer seat.

I utilize various types, including open and closed PU foam. The outer edges, or 'wings', feature an exceptionally firm foam to provide crucial support.


This specially-developed foam is a testament to the time and investment I've dedicated to creating supportive seats.

Unlike some, I choose not to use Gel. It tends to retain heat and doesn't evenly distribute weight. If Gel were the answer, I wouldn't be here today.


Ultimately, it's the shape of the seat that makes the real difference!

& Shaping


In the process of crafting a new seat, the original top layer of your factory seat is completely replaced with a fresh layer.

The composition of this new layer, or layers, is tailored specifically to each customer's weight, typically adjusted every 25-30 pounds.

Once the dimensions of the new seating area are confirmed with the customer, it is meticulously sculpted to perfection using custom-made tools.

This level of artistry is at the heart of what I do, and what you're investing in.


This sculpting process usually involves about two hours of precision shaping for each seat, before moving on to the final stage – the cover work.


of Covering

Every cover is meticulously hand-cut, without the use of templates.

Once your seat is expertly reshaped, I carefully position the chosen material and trace the contours for the new cover.

The seating area is then securely laminated onto a 1/2" poly foam, creating a plush, quilted top for your seat.


Next, I skillfully sew a pattern that allows the new seating area to stretch comfortably. To ensure durability over thousands of miles, I use a Poly thread instead of a cotton base. The stitch work's backing is then sealed with seam sealer tape to safeguard against moisture.

Finally, your new cover is firmly affixed using a weatherproof glue with a solvent base, ensuring it can withstand whatever challenges come its way.

About Ingredients

I source only the finest materials available.
My suppliers understand that I prioritize top-tier quality over discounted options. The greater the investment in your seat, the higher the quality and longevity you can expect. In this industry, you truly receive the value you pay for, and I'm committed to delivering a product that will endure for decades.

The Warranty

Setting the industry standard, I proudly provide a lifetime warranty for my products (for the original customer).

My meticulous customer interviews are designed to ensure a perfect fit and eliminate any surprises. When you unwrap your new seat and take that first sit, it's a comfortable certainty.


Our warranty guarantees that if, for any reason, your seat becomes uncomfortable, you can return it at ANYTIME for a no-cost adjustment. If the cover ever delaminates or threads fail, I'll handle the repair completely free of charge.

Unlike other companies with time-limited policies, mine stands for life.


Please note, I don't offer refunds, and this isn't a 'try it and buy it' product. Crafting your seat requires a full day of labor and a substantial investment. If I offered one-size-fits-all pre-made seats, the story might be different.

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Image by Marcel Kovačič

& Maintenance

Caring for vinyl is straightforward.

You can use soap and water without worry. To restore its sheen, any cleaner will suffice, but avoid silicone-based products like Armorall or waxy sprays.

I recommend a vinyl and leather cleaner, such as 303 Cover Top Cleaner or lemon Pledge, readily available at any parts store.


Leather requires a bit more attention. It's crucial to keep it well-moisturized and shielded from direct sunlight.

I highly recommend a weather cover and leather cream to help maintain its integrity. This is one major reason why I favor vinyl—it's more forgiving.

While I vouch for both products, leather can be a bit temperamental at times.



If, for any reason, your seat becomes uncomfortable, you're welcome to send it back for a FREE adjustment.


You'll receive top priority, ensuring you don't have to endure long waiting times for the correction.

The only cost is the return shipping. While there's no specific limit on adjustments, if you find it necessary to send it in twice, it may indicate a more significant issue.

Before shipping it back, please give me a call so I can provide you with an estimated timeframe.

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