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About Me,
The Craftsman

I'm a dedicated motorcycle seat maker driven by passion to enhance fellow enthusiasts' riding experiences.


With over two decades of hands-on expertise, I thrive on daily challenges and continuous learning.


Reach out to discover more about me.

You can find me year-round in my workshop, refining skills for improved long-distance comfort.

Call me at 530-351-5643 to connect.


My Vision
& Company Profile

My goal is to provide personalized, traditional services. I relish the chance to collaborate one-on-one with each customer, crafting a seat that matches your journey's length.

Your new seat becomes a prime incentive for riding.

Crafted by me, each seat is a day's labor, ensuring meticulous quality.

While my yearly capacity is limited, it guarantees top-notch, handcrafted excellence.
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