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Seat Types

Welcome aboard!

This page is designed to assist you in identifying the ideal seat type for your needs.

It's a crucial step in ensuring that both you and your passenger ride in comfort.


Please remember, I only suggest rebuilding or reshaping the rear seat if your passenger expresses discomfort with the current setup.

If your co-pilot is content with the current seat, I highly advise against custom fitting to avoid altering its shape.


Opting for a recover on the rear seat can yield equally stunning results, if not better, than reshaping it from scratch.

It's all about achieving the perfect blend of form and function!

Solo Seat


 When ordering a Solo Seat, only one portion of the seat to be customized, either the rider portion or driver portion. 

If you have a Two Piece Seat, (front and rear) the remaining seat will get recovered to match.

In some cases the customer requests only the passenger seat to be rebuilt, I will recover the front to match in a Solo Seat order.

Front Only does not apply on one piece seats!


Dual Seat


  When ordering a Dual Seat, Both Rider and passenger seats are completely rebuilt and custom fitted and new covering of your choice.

A must have for two up riders.


Front only (two piece seats) 


A Front Only Seat means we only customize ONLY either the Front OR Rear of a Two Piece Seat.

The remaining seat will stay a stock seat with stock seat cover.

It will not match the new seat cover. 

If you have a one pice seat, Front Only does not apply.


Oversized Seats


Oversized seats are subject to higher pricing due to the size and extra cost in material as well as time involved. 

Examples of "Oversized" are Goldwing sized seats. Some Can-Am spyders as well as BMW K1600GTL or GTLE 

Best thing to do is always call in.

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