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Book A Ride-In

Experience the Ride-In Process

To get your new seat perfectly fitted in person, start here.

How It Works:

  • Fill out our request form or call to discuss details and available dates. Ride-ins available year-round, Monday-Saturday based on availability.

  • Note: Some models don't qualify due to labor requirements.

  • Each day, I book only one ride-in, taking most of the day. Please arrive at 8:00 am for a reasonable timeframe.

  • Enjoy our comfortable waiting area with amenities like coffee, water, internet, and TV.

  • Upon arrival, we ensure a proper fit, discuss preferences, and guide you through material choices.

  • Your seat creation begins after material selection.

  • If you need transportation, feel free to use my vehicle for lunch or activities in town.

  • Kindly relax in the waiting area while I work. I'm happy to answer questions but value personal space.

  • Once your seat and cover are crafted, we ensure a perfect fit.

  • I finalize the cover and send you on your way.

For lodging options, I can recommend places based on your comfort needs.


Ride-In Request Form

Submit your name and contact number. You will receive a call within 24 hours to book your ride-in.

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