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Crafting Leather

"The Process"

Get Started Here

Ready to get your personalized motorcycle seat? Here's how it works!

Schedule Your Build: Get a production date by email after placing your order. I'm usually booked a few months ahead, so feel free to call anytime if you have questions.

Follow Instructions: You'll get an email within 24hrs with details on sending your seat and a production overview. I'll also ask some key questions.

Seat Crafting: Once everything's set, your custom Long Distance Seat creation begins. It's worth the wait!

Remember, I'm a fan of phone calls. Reach out if you need any assistance on your journey.

Production Process

With Laam Custom Seats, enjoy a streamlined production process to ensure your satisfaction.

Efficient Timelines: Shipped orders take 7-10 business days from the specified production date.

Personalized Consultation: Expect a call during this period to discuss your unique requirements. I prioritize this conversation to guarantee a perfect fit for your seat.

Crafted Just for You: Unlike others, I hold off on discussing your build until your order is placed and your build date arrives. This allows for focused attention on your seat, preventing any oversights.

Dedicated Build Day: Our conversation day is your seat's crafting day, which ensures meticulous attention to detail.

Quality Over Quantity: Each day, I dedicate myself to crafting a single seat to maintain excellence.

Payment Transparency: Payment is only requested once your seat is ready to ship and photos of the final product are shared. Your satisfaction is paramount.

Your can trust me for your motorcycle comfort needs!

Shipping and Shipped Orders
Carrying a Box

Enjoy shipping made simple!

When shipping your seat to us or receiving your custom creation, follow these tips for a hassle-free experience:

Shipping Your Seat:

  • Opt for compact packaging. Wrapping the seat is often better than using a box.

  • For cost-effectiveness, use the post office. UPS & FedEx can be pricier.

  • Need the best shipping rates? Call me and request a UPS call tag before your production date.

Return Shipping:

  • Count on UPS for the return journey of your new seat. We've secured a top-notch rate.

  • Your return shipping cost varies by size and location.

  • To keep costs low, we provide free boxes and packaging.

  • Rest assured, we don't profit from shipping; what I pay, you pay.

Book a Ride-In

Experience the Ride-In Convenience!

If you're considering a personal visit to craft your seat, here's how it works:

  1. Schedule Your Visit: Call to book your spot – no extra charge, unlike other companies. A full day's work is needed for each seat, so be ready to start at 8:00 am on the agreed day.

  2. In-Person Attention: During your visit, you'll get:

    • Personal measurements and material choices guidance.

    • Comfortable waiting area with amenities like internet, beverages, TV, and restroom.

    • Direct work on your seat.

  3. Test and Finalize: After I'm done, you can sit on your bike to check fit and comfort. Your feedback matters before the final touches.

Remember, choosing the ride-in option doesn't mean a better seat – the same care and questions are taken in-person or over the phone.


The hands-on experience just offers insight into the meticulous work that goes into each seat.

Seat Exchange Program

Experience Our Seat Exchange Program!

Selected models are eligible for our exclusive seat exchange program, enhancing your customization journey.


Check the list below to confirm if your bike qualifies:

How it Works:

  • With the exchange process, I create a new seat on one of my seat bases, eliminating the need for you to send in your seat base for rework. Instead, I require your old seat in return.

  • Please note, only OEM FACTORY seats are accepted for exchange; aftermarket seats aren't eligible.

  • To accommodate all customers, kindly send back your old seat within a few days of receiving your new seat.

  • Rest assured, there's no additional charge for this convenient option.

Eligible Models:

  • Yamaha FJR1300

  • Yamaha Super Tenere 1200

  • Can-Am Spyder RT 2018+

  • Can-Am Spyder F3

  • Honda CTX700

  • Honda ST1300

  • BMW R1200GS R1250GS 2014+ (Additional $140 to retain both front and rear)

  • Kawasaki Concours 1400 (Limited availability under specific conditions)

Credit Card

Seamless Payment Process:

The payment phase – the highlight of my job!

Setting me apart in the industry, I stand proud as the sole custom seat craftsman who does not require upfront payment.


Your hard-earned money stays untouched until your final, perfected product heads home to you!

I firmly believe payment aligns with completion.

On the day of shipment, most clients prefer a hassle-free phone call to provide payment/card details.

If your preference differs, just ask – I'm flexible!


Expect a digital receipt post-payment for your records.


Notice: my site does NOT retain your payment information; your personal details are safe. (You'd be amazed!)

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