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Image by Jas Min

Thread choices 

Black Thread

Opting for black thread is a great choice.

I suggest it for those seeking a clean, understated finish with no unexpected twists.


Beaver Thread

Opt for beaver-colored thread to perfectly complement the bomber brown material. It's a shade lighter than brown and features a subtle pearl effect.


Yellow Thread

This color works well with any tint of yellow whether its Yamaha yellow or hi visibility yellow.


Orange Thread

This is a must for the KTM guys! Excellent way to bring some of that orange pearl on to the seat. Be warned this is loud.


Graphite Thread

Choosing graphite thread adds a touch of character without being too bold. It complements a wide range of colors and often harmonizes with the engine and frame.


Red Thread

If you have red accents on your bike this will defiantly make things pop. This color goes well with any tint of red.


Blue Thread

Blue goes will with any Yamaha, BMW and Honda Africa Twin. 


Green (Kawasaki Green)

One of the brightest color choices. Looking to make a statement or want to match your Kawasaki green. This will do the trick.

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