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Experience Heated Luxury

Looking to add some warmth to your ride? If your seat isn't factory heated, no worries. You're just a click away from a heated upgrade. There are a few options available, including three-way heat (high, medium, low, off), two-way (high, low), and simple on/off.

I highly recommend the on/off option for its simplicity and reduced electronics. It features a straightforward backlit LED switch. The other options can be pricier and involve more complex installation of the electronics package within the seat. The on/off option gets the job done efficiently.

When you opt for seat heating, you'll receive a complete kit that includes everything you need to wire it directly to keyed power. Rest assured, these components are specifically designed for motorcycle seat use and uphold the highest quality standards in the industry.

Take a look below for some examples of the finished product.

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